How can I join the Illuminati?

I've always wanted to be rich, lord it over others and go underground. I'm 6'3", smoke a pipe and used to drive a Honda 50. Once I'm accepted, I shall be part of the Elite.   Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Have joined Twitter and I'm starting to tweet, am tweeting like fuck and have already been retweeted, bit like here but sweeter.

Deja Vue

Sundays The Day of the Dead Nothing happening anywhere, 17 ships have been sent to find the news. Thoughtsters idle, even the atheists are at church. Oh...GAWD!

Catastrophic Anger Management

If you want to manage, be careful!   Hitler was the boss from hell you never want to have. I don't even mean that in the sense that getting on his bad side could be lethal as opposed to merely career-ending. I mean that he had numerous habits,...

Sex and trends - which is worse?

Being a sex object or a trending topic? Either way is how others perceive you and you have no control over that. Or have you?   Speaking from a man's point of view, I'll take being considered any time as a sex object to being considered a...

An Obama in the making

On Thoughts, that is.   Mirror, mirror On the wall Who's the most popular of all?   I for one don't want another Obama.

"Dear Leader' haircut

Are you watching, sketchy?   It sounds like a plot straight out of a political satire movie but students in North Korea have been forced to have their hair cut like leader Kim Jong-un.  Radio Free Asia reported that about two weeks ago male...

Been blocked by a black man

Is that prejudice? When this blocker has told everybody here he hates white people, doesn't that indicate that The Harris is a racist? It's not me that has colored this issue.   So I'm saying this for the benefit of The Harris. Weirdo.

The value of teenagers

Very little, but someone has found something :   If I ever needed a brain transplant, I'd choose a teenager's because I'd want a brain that had never been used.

Dirty places

These are the Top 4 :   Fucking, Austria (Pronounced “fooking.”) “Fuck” is one of the seven words you can’t say on TV, and this town is spelled exactly like fuck’s present participle, so it wins No. 1. Four road signs with Fucking’s name on them...

Is God gay?

Not my question, but my conclusion and worth a look at...   "After the Right Reverend Fred Phelps slipped down the tubes of the giant intergalactic colon last week, Pastor James David Manning of Harlem indisputably became the most hilarious...

Californians - Please note!

From my understanding, Californians  - Satanists? - are 8 hours behind me. Now at the moment, where's I is it's 19.14 hours or 7.15 pm. So, if a Californian logs on here now, he/she must be doing it from work - which is naughty- is unemployed - very...

German Nazi Party ban porno star for inter-racial sex

Porn Star Kitty Blair Fired From Germany's Far-Right National Democratic Party After Inter-racial Sex A German porn star who was the face of a far-right German political party, has been fired for having sex with a black man in her latest film. ...